Parent Testimonials

There are things you should never discuss: religion, politics and has your college-bound child finished his/her college essay. Before we even started the application process, we knew as parents that we would be seeking Esther’s help with the editing of our daughter’s college essays. We didn’t want to spend our summer and early fall harassing her about finishing the various essays she was required to write. Happily, our daughter was very receptive to the idea of working with Esther, which, in truth, can be half the battle. The result of Esther’s efforts gave our daughter the kind of college essays that she was proud of and ones that we thought were interesting, insightful, and well written. Obviously the Ithaca College Admissions Office thought so too because it resulted in her acceptance. Without a doubt it was money well spent.

parent of a student accepted at Ithaca College in 2011

During the summer of his senior year, our son was struggling with his common application and he had multiple essays to write. We knew he needed guidance and asked Esther to step in. Although he was reluctant at first, Esther’s positive approach won him over. He had concerns that his essays would be revised so much the words would be that of the editors. Esther made thought-provoking suggestions and revised grammatical errors while keeping his thoughts, ideas and words very much his. Her gentle reminders kept him on task and allowed him to complete his essays without pressure from us. Esther also helped our son rework his common application essay for a scholarship application. He won the prestigious Genzyme Life Science scholarship. Our son was quite humbled that he won, knowing that others were equally deserving. A biology teacher at his high school informed him that the scholarship committee were quite impressed with his essay and that clinched the scholarship for him. We highly recommend Esther to help with this overwhelming experience.

parent of a student accepted at UConn Honors 2011

I highly recommend Esther for college essay assistance. She worked with my son and transformed a stressful activity into an enjoyable one. She met with Alex to talk out some ideas and he came back enthused about his topic, motivated to write and focused on the task. He sat down and wrote a great essay, which Esther then helped him edit with timely and insightful input and feedback. The end result was a strong and impactful essay that captured Alex’s passion and Esther helped him communicate it effectively. I will definitely use her again for my daughter when she goes through the process.

parent of a student accepted at Ithaca College in 2009

Thank you so much for the time, effort, and advice that you provided to Kara on her college essay. While we thought Kara provided a good rough draft, your thoughtful edits turned it into a concise, pointed, and well-written final draft. In our discussions with a variety of college admissions officers, we were surprised by the level of emphasis that they placed on a college essay. It is clear that Kara’s acceptance to a number of top-tier schools was due in no small part to the quality of her essay. We thank you for your professionalism and patience in helping Kara achieve her goal.

parent of a student accepted at Boston University in 2009

Esther maintained ongoing and positive contact with my son throughout his college essay process. As a parent, I appreciated Esther’s patience to work with my son, who was sometimes a procrastinator. Her gentle reminders and suggestions to turn out organized, yet thoughtful essays in his own words are the reasons I always recommend Esther to my friends and acquaintances whose children are preparing applications for college.

parent of a student accepted at Clark University in 2008

My daughter had Esther help with her college essay. This was my first child going to college and I was very overwhelmed with all the things we had to do just to apply. Esther was our shining star…She guided Rachael through her entire essay, sparking ideas and allowing Rachael to put it all together, with her careful editing. Rachael was very proud of her essay; it was well written and very key to getting her into her first choice school.

During her interview the director of admissions commented on her essay. She spoke of details she remembered, which was quite touching, since I am sure she sees thousands. If your child needs help with editing of an essay or a full blown mentor, I recommend you call Esther.

parent of student accepted at Hofstra University in 2007