There are things you should never discuss: religion, politics and has your college-bound child finished his/her college essay. Before we even started the application process, we knew as parents that we would be seeking Esther’s help with the editing of our daughter’s college essays. We didn’t want to spend our summer and early fall harassing her about finishing the various essays she was required to write. Happily, our daughter was very receptive to the idea of working with Esther, which, in truth, can be half the battle. The result of Esther’s efforts gave our daughter the kind of college essays that she was proud of and ones that we thought were interesting, insightful, and well written. Obviously the Ithaca College Admissions Office thought so too because it resulted in her acceptance. Without a doubt it was money well spent.

parent of a student accepted at Ithaca College in 2011

It was a pleasure to work with Esther. She was really able to help me with my ideas. It was great to have her look through my essay and be able to help me with my writing. Having her be able to read different drafts was very effective for the final product. She helped turn all of my ideas into a flowing and understandable essay that I was proud of. Because of her help, I was able to get into 8 out of 9 colleges I applied to. As I move onto Bryant University, I will always remember the feedback Esther gave me for my writing. She is a phenomenal writer and can help anyone write something that comes from within. I can not thank her enough for her help!

—student who graduated in 2012, now at Bryant University